Below is a small sampling of the variety of ways the Rapid Response SMS program is currently being used.


Restaurant owners can use Rapid Response SMS to encourage customers to come back more often by offering last minute dinner and drink specials as well as coupons and free offers for joining their subscriber based loyalty program. It's never been easier to build a database of your customers and reach out to them with great incentives for them to enjoy the food and atmosphere of your restaurant.

Bars & Taverns: Reach out to customers in real time and get them coming through the doors more often by offering drink specials if they come in by a certain time, buy one get one free offers for anyone who shows their text message to the bartender and so on. It the easiest way to get them in when it's quiet with special contests and promotions for rewards members. All they have to do is subscribe and wait for the offers. They will actually leave another establishment and come to yours because of the offers you send.

Medical Practices: Market your new procedures and treatments to clients and use the system as a real time reminder of appointments or weekly, monthly, annual visits they should not miss. Use the program to survey clients while their in your waiting room. Competition in the medical field has never been more fierce. Set your practice apart by keeping your patients up to date on what makes your practice the right choice for them.

Auto Service: Maintain customer loyalty by offering specials and coupons when you need the business most. Send out an offer on tires right after a big snow or rain storm. Offer customers a free tire rotation with their next oil change and send out a discount coupon on days when your bays are filled to capacity. Get them in when you need them. You can also use the system to let customers when their car is finished saving you the time of trying to hunt them down calling multiple numbers until you find them. With the click of the mouse, they get a text message. It's fast and easy!

Educational facilities utilize Rapid Response SMS in several ways. The most common is as a real time communication tool for correspondence between administration and faculty as well as with students or parents of students. It is also used as a message distribution system during emergencies and closing facility closings due to inclement weather.

Real Estate professionals use Rapid Response as their real time lead generator. All you have to do is post a keyword and short code on "For Sale" signs. A consumer sees the sign on the front lawn, sends a text to the short code and within seconds the listing details for that home is sent directly to their cell phone. At the same time, an email and/or text is sent to the realtor with the consumers cell phone number. Real time leads mean real time appointments. More leads mean more sales.

Auto Sales: You no longer have to lose potential sales because your closed for the night or weekend. Add a call to action in the window of vehicles on your lot and Rapid Response will do the rest. As your subscriber base grow, so does your reach to potential customers.

Retail operations use Rapid Response to send offers, coupons and last minute specials in real time. The next time you need to clear old inventory, send out a special sale offer to members with a time limit coupon. You'll be amazed how easy it will be to bring people through the doors.

Supermarkets will not only generate more revenue from repeat business but save money by being able to move perishable inventory faster than ever before. With Rapid Response SMS, you'll be able to send last minute real time messages to your customer base offering them extra special pricing on inventory that has to go. Place a time limit on your offer and watch them come through the door.

Hotels & Resorts: Rapid Response SMS is perfect for collecting guest data and using it throughout the year to promote your offers and specials. With the press of a mouse click, you'll be able to send a members only incentive to subscribers with last minute deals and specials.

DJ's & Entertainers: Build your fan base quickly and easily with Rapid Response SMS. When you get a new gig or a last minute venue, you'll be able to let your fans know where you are or will be in real time.

Event Planners: Add your keyword and short code to your marketing material and before you know it, you'll have a huge database to promote your upcoming events to.

Not-For-Profits: Raise money for your charity by easily communicating with donors using the Rapid Response SMS marketing program. Add your keyword and short code to your marketing materials and at your fund raising functions. You can use the database to communicate with donors as well as using the premium service to raise money using the text campaign.

Polling: Conduct surveys using the Rapid Response SMS program. Offer customers or prospects an incentive to complete your survey and receive the results in real time.

Salon and Spa Owners can use the Rapid Response SMS communication system to get messages to clients and prospects in real time, any time. Send out specials to get customers in the store during those down times. You know you're going to be slow based on your schedule. Why not offer a reduced special for members of your loyalty club and watch how fast they respond. Using snail mail takes too long and is too expensive. Email ends up in spam or isn't read for days, and calling everyone by telephone is just not realistic. A mobile phone is the only communication tool that is within reach at least 12 hours a day and text messaging is the fastest, easiest to use and most affordable technology available in today's marketplace.

Promoters: Build a database of concert attendees quickly using Rapid Response SMS. Easily connect with your subscribers and provide them with up to date info on your upcoming concerts. You can even send them last minute offers to sell left over tickets or send a message in real time during a concert offering them a discount on merchandise or upcoming shows.  

Trade Shows: Rapid Response SMS makes it easy to collect information from attendees at trade shows. Instead of using the expensive card readers provided by the organizers you can post your keyword and short code on your table and marketing material. Once you capture their info, you'll be able to send them links to your web site, downloadable literature as well as other offers and discounts.  


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