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Proximity Marketing is the next generation of mobile marketing. What is proximity marketing? Picture this: A customer walks by your storefront. An advertisement with your offer immediately appears on their cellular phone. How does this happen? Bluetooth -- the same technology that powers nearly all handsfree earpieces. Among cellular subscribers, 71% use a mobile phone that already supports Bluetooth!

Bluetooth proximity marketing allows you to reach out to your customers instead of waiting for them to come to you.

Mobile Applications

SMS for Restaurants
SMS for Bars & Taverns
SMS for Medical Practices
SMS for Auto Service
SMS for Education
SMS for Real Estate
SMS for Car Dealers
SMS for Retail
SMS for Supermarkets
SMS for Resorts
SMS for Night Clubs
SMS for DJ's & Entertainers
SMS for Event Promotion
SMS for Charities
SMS for Surveys


One of the most popular benefits of the Blue Beacon program is that it is completely free of charge to consumers. We enable clients to promote their businesses by sending still and animated images such as GIF, audio files such as in the form of Ring Tones, video clips i.e movie trailers, text files, promotional or discount contents, bar codes, mobile games and java applications, business Card files etc. Below is a list of content types that are supported by our Blue Beacon products.

• Still images [GIF or JPEG files]
• Animated images [Animated GIF files]
• Video [WMV, 3GP, RM or MP4 files]
• Audio [WAV, RMF, MP3, MP4 or Ring-tone files]
• Java Applications [ JAR files]
• vCal [Calendar Event files]
• vCard [Business Card files]
• Live Data Feed [Such as JPG and GIF]

Sending content using Bluetooth is free and legal in all countries as it uses the microwave radio frequency spectrum in the 2.4 GHz to 2.4835 GHz range, the same level as cell phones.

Below are just a few applications for which proximity marketing is useful
Entertainment Venues
  • Cinemas and Theaters
  • Music Festivals
  • Concerts
  • Exhibition Centers
  • Bars and Clubs
  • Restaurants
  • Sports Stadiums

Transportation Venues

  • Airport Lounges
  • Railway Stations
  • Trains
  • Bus Stations
  • Bus Stops

Additional Areas

  • Field Marketing
  • Bill Boards
  • Poster Sites
  • Kiosks
  • Banks
  • Exhibition Centers
  • Shopping Centers
  • Trade Shows
  • Universities and Colleges

We offer several media servers including fixed and portable solutions.

Blue Beacon Touch

Media Server

Blue Beacon Touch Media Server is the perfect on-location, proximity marketing appliance. With an intuitive, touch screen that makes programming and setting up and running your advertising campaigns really simple. Advertise your products and services or make buying information readily available. An ideal solution for stores in high traffic areas. Placing Blue Beacon Touch near the front of your premises will have a dramatic impact on your current advertising reach. It's like someone running out of your store and inviting consumers in! This is the most cost-effective way of turning foot traffic into sales.

Forget about spending your advertising dollars handing out pamphlets and brochures that end up in the bin Blue Beacon Touch™ you can reach the same audience 365 days a year FOR FREE!

Blue Beacon Touch utilizes the very latest touch screen and software technology. Designed as a Placement Unit (PU) and operating from within an indoor location or a protected outdoor location with access to mains power. Blue Beacon Touch uses multithreaded technology to connect with up to 28 phones simultaneously. Sends your advertisement to mobile phones for free.

Blue Beacon Touch includes the ability to send multiple media formats, send your business card contact information or deliver calendar events. The built-in Do-Not-Send-List (DNSL) is self generating and campaign specific. If a recipient rejects a particular advertisement, Blue Beacon Touch stores this information and will not attempt to send the same advertisement to that phone again. 100% Permission based.

Blue Beacon Touch comes complete with mains power adapter, Secure Digital memory card, SD/USB Card reader, stylus, advertising campaign management and tracking software.

Blue Beacon Portable

The Blue Beacon Portable concept was to develop a fully portable, highly visual appliance that would both attract attention and be capable of delivering high performance results.

Blue Beacon Portable makes the ideal unit to augment real-estate sales. Placing the unit in the front window of realty listings, signals passing drive-bys that buying information is available via their mobile phone. Send your business card automatically with the advertisement. Ensuring the potential buyer has all of the relevant information literally in hand.

Blue Beacon Portable has hundreds of application alternatives. The unit is completely portable with a long-lasting onboard lithium battery. Advertise your products and services in shopping centers, sports venues or anywhere consumers are. Turn foot traffic into sales.

Send your business card to a mobile phone, allowing receivers to save the e-card directly to their phone address book. Adds all the important details: your name, company name, address, phone, fax, email and website address.

Blue Beacon Portable comes complete with mains power charger/adapter, USB cable and advertising campaign management and tracking software.

Blue Beacon Portable campaigns can be updated on-the-fly from any USB Flash memory drive.


Blue Beacon Mobile

The Blue Beacon Mobile is so named because it's the ideal companion for contractors, service personnel or anyone on the go. Despite it's compact size the Blue Beacon Mobile is feature packed and ensured to keep your phone ringing and work flowing.

With a 16 hour lithium battery life, keep this silent advertising partner working for you all day while you're on the job. Leave it in your pocket or service vehicle, with an effective range of 330 feet (100m) you can advertise to passing consumers.

You don't have to be a tradesman to receive the benefits of this portable, compact marketing device. Put it in your pocket and take it to the golf course or football game. Advertise your business for Free while you're relaxing!

Blue Beacon Mobile is the smallest, portable, consumer location aware marketing device available. The onboard miniaturization utilizes state-of-the-art technology is designed with performance in mind delivering 14 simultaneous connections.

Send your business card to a mobile phone, allowing receivers to save the e-card directly to their phone address book. Adds all the important details: your name, company name, address, phone, fax, email and website address.

Tradesman comes with a bonus protective pouch, mains power charger/adapter, USB adapter cable and advertising campaign management and tracking software disc. Windows 7 compatible.

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