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Garden City, New York—Rapid Response Mobile Marketing has expanded its suite of mobile marketing services to include a new feature that allows consumers, on the go, to access store redeemable coupons directly on their mobile devices. “This is an exciting new feature which will not only provide the obvious increase in traffic to businesses but we can now report in real-time how many consumers responded. This is a great way to quantify a ROI for marketing programs,” stated Zsolt Sapy, president of Rapid Response Mobile Marketing.


The mobile wallet is a great way for consumers to save and use their coupons as they need them. The program works to generate traffic to establishments who use coupons. “Coupon effectiveness has dramatically increased because they are always with your customer and serves as a constant reminder to come in—shop, eat and save!”


With embedded bar codes, consumers can use the coupons directly from their phones. Coupons are no longer lost or forgotten and a great benefit is the program’s analytics feature, which tracks the spending habits of consumers while assigning a value to each redeemable coupon. The app is program is easy to use as consumers can locate stores within their area while keeping track of establishments which are frequented often. The coupon offer includes a bar code the cashier can scan right from the phone. There is no clipping involved! It is an easy one-step process! With the holidays right around the corner, shopping will be on everyone’s mind and so too will be how to save. This is a great program to accomplish both while building customer loyalty.


The marketing professionals on staff at Rapid Response Mobile Marketing handle all aspects of your campaign. Our marketing team creates compelling and inviting coupons to drive traffic to your establishment as well as unique text message advertising campaigns. Rapid Response has the programs that will bring an increase in customer traffic saving you time while boosting your advertising effectiveness.


When scrambling to maintain market share and increase business, there are many marketing tools to choose from, but none can compare to the results Rapid Response is delivering. Rapid Response Mobile Marketing works because mobile has better sales conversion rates than email or direct mail, mobile marketing has less media competition, a mobile device is always within reach of its owner and text messaging has a much higher read-rate. The results are astounding.


About Rapid Response Mobile Marketing:Rapid Response Mobile Marketing is a full-service nationwide marketing firm working with small to mid-sized businesses to achieve greater advertising reach and results through text message marketing, proximity advertising and mobile app development. Rapid Response takes the guess work out of mobile marketing by designing programs that deliver real results.


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