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SMS for Medical Practices
SMS for Auto Service
SMS for Education
SMS for Real Estate
SMS for Car Dealers
SMS for Retail
SMS for Supermarkets
SMS for Resorts
SMS for Night Clubs
SMS for DJ's & Entertainers
SMS for Event Promotion
SMS for Charities
SMS for Surveys


Rapid Response Mobile Marketing offers several programs to help promote your business to new prospects as well as increase revenue from your existing clientbase.

  • Rewards/Loyalty Programs
  • Proximity Marketing Systems
  • Lead Generation using Kewords
  • Your business listed on Rapid Deals iPhone Directoy
  • Cross Promotions with non-competing business in your neighborhood



The Rapid Response Mobile Marketing Loyalty / Rewards Program is perfect for clients interested in setting up and managing their SMS Text Messaging campaigns. Our customized administration module is easy to navigate and each section has its own video tutorial to help you get started in just a few minutes.

Why Rapid Response SMS Text Messaging:

  • Text messaging is the most widely used data service on the planet with recent studies reporting over 2 billion subscribers worldwide
  • Texting usage increases by 250% annually
  • Text messages on average are read within minutes of receiving vs. 24-48 hours for email
  • Text messaging is the only medium which gives you real-time interactive access to consumers.
  • Response rates of over 40% can be achieved when implementing our system.
  • We don't charge for additional keywords (competitors charge up to $25 per keyword)
  • We don't use web based platforms that deliver your message hours after sending. With Rapid Response, your messages are always delivered within seconds of sending.

What Features are offered with Rapid Response SMS

  • 100% Web-Based Interface Allows Access From Anywhere
  • Easy to Use (one click message blasting)
  • Full Statistics and Reporting of Platform Usage
  • Reliable, Flexible, Robust, Commercial-Grade Platform
  • Fast, Easy Campaign Creation
  • Offer a Full Line of Text Messaging Services
  • MMS (Wap-push)
  • Long Messages (up to 459 characters)
  • Message Templates (canned messages)
  • Advanced User Group Management (sub-groups)
  • Second Level Keyword Support
  • Cell Phone Originated Group Messaging
  • Loyalty VIP Programs
  • Random Winner Contests
  • Interactive Voting
  • Customer Surveys
  • Real Estate Listings
  • Coupons & Offers
  • Email Forwarding to Multiple Email Addresses
  • Voting and Polling with Real Time Stats & Charts
  • SMS Forwarding
  • API/Http Forwarding (create your own applications)
  • Dedicated Email Support System
  • Low Messaging Fees
  • All Major Carriers Supported
  • Advanced Calendar Based Message Scheduling (appointment reminders)

We offer several plans designed and priced to help you become a mobile marketing pro.

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Bluetooth Marketing – Proximity Marketing is the next generation of mobile marketing. What is proximity marketing? Picture this: A customer walks by your storefront. An advertisement offering a discount immediately appears on their cellular phone. How does this happen? Bluetooth -- the same technology that powers nearly all handsfree earpieces. Among cellular subscribers, 71% use a mobile phone that already supports Bluetooth!

Bluetooth proximity marketing allows you to reach out to your customers instead of waiting for them to come to you. Click Here for Details

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The Rapid Response Lead Generation Program is ideal for Real Estate professionals, Auto Dealerships and any other business in need of real time leads delivered direclty to your mobile phone via text messaging.

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Rapid Deals iPhone Mobile Directory

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