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Offer a true VIP experience to your customers and increase productivity.

Night Clubs, Lounges, Stadiums: Replace order takers with Text2Order. Place a small sign offering customers the ability to place their food and drink orders via SMS. They text a keyword and their order to 71441. The order instantly prints in your kitchen, bar, etc.. on our SMS Text 2 Order Printer. If you do not need a paper print out, the order can be pulled up on any computer, mobile phone or tablet with internet access.

Fast Food: Offer your VIP members the ability to cut the line. They buy breakfast and coffee at your deli, bagel store... every morning. Now they can text in their order when their 10 minutes away, it prints out on the SMS Text 2 Order Printer and your staff prepares and places it at the VIP pick up.  Your lines get shorter and customers are happier.

Resorts/Hotels: Take drink orders poolside, on the beach or throughout your facility with the need for a on-site POS, internet or even power.

The SMS Text 2 Order Printer is the size of a credit card terminal and can be completely wireless for remote applications.



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